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A Passionate Helping Hand Home Health Care



A Passionate Helping Hand Home Health Care LLC specializes in providing a wide range of home health services. Some of our specializations include:


Skilled Nursing

Cardiac Care, DM Care and Education, COPD, Medication Management, Disease Management


Physical Therapy

Joint Replacements, Strengthening, Home Exercise Program, Lymphedema, Therapeutic Exercises, Neuro Muscular Re-Education. Gait Training.


Occupational Therapy

Coming Soon!



Home Health Aides

Bathing, Dressing & Personal Hygiene Assistance, ADLS, IADLS


Reducing Hospitalizations

We will coordinate care with the patient’s Primary Care Physician as well as a way to reduce the risk of hospitalization or


Call a nurse before you go to the hospital. We will send out an NP who is on staff to check you, and determine if you need ER care.

10 Day Care Calls

We work closely with your Physician to ensure appropriate care.

We open new cases in 24-48 hours after hospital DC.

A Passionate Helping Hand Home Health Care LLC is partnered with a Mobile Physician Group and can have your patient seen 24-48 hours after discharge. We also provide Education on the Disease process especially for patients with:

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

HTN (Hypertension)

CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)


diabled client and Home Care Giver

Serving in Indianapolis & surrounding areas

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